Tax for Students

Q: I am an international student and I do not have social security number. Can I do income tax return?
A: Yes, certainly you can. If you do not have social security number, please bring your passport and study permit so that we can apply for an individual taxation number for you when we do your tax return.

Q: I do not have any income. Why shall I do tax return and what is the benefit to do tax return each year?
A: Doing tax return can bring you many benefits as below.

  • You can apply for GST/HST credit (paid every 3 months, $200-$300 in total per year)
  • You can apply for provincial credit. For example, if you live in Ontario, you can apply for Ontario Credit which is at least $100. If you claim rental payment in Ontario, say, you pay $320 every month for your rental, your tax refund can be more than $400.
  • You can claim your tuition fee / education amount for carrying forward to future years. Tuition fee / education amount can be used to reduce your tax payable when you earn higher income than basic personal amount in future years. Tuition fee / education amount can also be used to transfer to your parents or spouse/common-law partner to help them to get more tax refund for the year. Please note that tuition fee / education amount can only be claimed in the tax year when you pay tuition fee / education amount. For example, if you forget to claim tuition fee / education amount for 2015 when you did your tax return last year, you have to do T1-adjustment for 2015 to allow unused tuition fee / education amount to be carried forward to 2016 tax year. Doing T1-adjustment will usually cause additional service charge and additional time for CRA’s processing. So it is strongly recommend that you wait until you get your T2202A slip to do your tax return each year.

Q: What shall I bring when I come to do my tax return?
A: Unually we need the following evidence for your tax return,

  • Your tax identification such as your SIN (social security number) or ITN (individual taxation number, a 9-digits number starting from “0”). If you do not have SIN or ITN and it is your first time to do tax return, do not worry, please bring your passport and study permit. We will apply for a tax identification for you.
  • Your T2202A form–Tuition, Education and Textbook amount Certificate. Usually you can download T2202A from your education institution’s website by end of February.
  • Your T4A slip if you have scholarships, fellowships or bursaries.
  • All Rental addresses, rental amount paid and name of your landlord in 2016
  • Your T5 slip or T3 slip if you have bank interest income or investment income
  • Your T4 slip if you earn employment income
  • Donation receipt if you make donation
  • Monthly / weekly public transit pass or U-pass for UTM students
  • Your 2016 Notice of Assessment issued by CRA