Training and Tutoring

Taxation Training-Basic

Lesson 1 Introduction
Tax policies; classification of tax

Lesson 2 Basic Information and Taxable Income
Residence status and tax; tax remittance and payment; information page of peronal tax return; structure of personal income tax

Lesson 3 Income Analysis
Employment Income; CPP and EI calculation; foreign employment income; self-employment income; interest and investment income

Lesson 4 Deductions
RRSP and HBP; childcare expenses; moving expenses; pension splitting

Lesson 5 Tax Credits
Non-refundable and refundable; tuition; amount transfer; fitness tax credit; foreign tax credit; medical expenses; donations; provincial tax credit; tax benefits (GST/CCTB/WITB)

Lesson 6 T1 General and Tax Slips
Line by line explanation; schedule practices–T4/T4E/T4A (P)/T4A (OAS)/T5007/T3/T5/T4A/T2202A/RRSP slip/T776/T2125

What you will get:

  • Training from professional tax consultant
  • Internal training material
  • Complimentary internal reference material

Taxation Training-Tax Software and Firm Practise*

Lesson 1 Basic Operations
Open file, configure and roll over; enter customer basic information; enter slips

Lesson 2 Case Study
Seniors; students; new immigrants; truck drivers; people with rental income

Lesson 3 Tax Preparation Procedures
Customer Services; privacy issue; procedures

Lesson 4 Practise Sets A

Lesson 5 Practise Sets B

What you will get:

  • Hands on training from professional tax consultant
  • Internal training material
  • Professional tax software (demo)
  • Practise experience with real tax documents in an office environment
  • Possible job opportunity with Triple J (positions: Junior tax preparer, office manager / tax preparer, tax coordinator)

*Prerequisites:Some tax and accounting knowledge

Course Tutoring

We offer tax course tutoring for university or college students, in private or in group.

Feedback from one of our tax course tutoring students:

“…And today we got final grade for this course, mine is A plus. First Assignment is full marks 20, I don’t have marks for second one, but from the total marks, I can tell it should be 18 out of 20. Thanks a lot for tutoring on my assignments! “

Cuiyao, George Brown College