Corporate Taxes

Q: What is deadline of corporation tax?
A: Unlike personal tax, corporation tax year end is not necessarily calendar year end. You may choose any date (usually month end for easier bookkeeping) for your company year end and keep it consistent depending on your company situation.Deadline of corporatoin tax is six months after your corporation year end. However, it is advisable for you file your corporation tax within three months after your corporation year end since any tax owing after three months will attract interest.


  • If your tax year ends on March 31, your filing due date is September 30.–Triple J suggests: By June 30.
  • If your tax year ends on August 31, your filing due date is February 28.–Triple J suggests: By November 30.
  • If your tax year ends on September 23, your filing due date is March 23.–Triple J suggests: Change your fisical year end to September 30 and file corporation tax by December 31.

Q: What should I bring when I come for the first meeting?
A: Please bring the following:

  • Incorporation documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Article of Incorporation);
  • Shareholders name, social insurance number and percentage of ownership;
  • Business number and fiscal year end;
  • Copy of prior year’s corporation tax filing, if any;
  • Copy of prior years finanancial statements, if any;
  • Your bookkeeping records;
  • Any questions you might have.

Q: What are procedures for doing corportion tax filing through Triple J?
A: It is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. You email your bookkeeping data and selected source documents to us;
  2. We analyse your data and email you financial statements for approval (We file your corporation tax upon your approval and we prepare all relevant documents for your signaure);
  3. You schedule a time to come to do signature and pick up your documents